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Waterfalls near Cherokee

Of course there are many more waterfalls near Cherokee than you’ll see here, and both of the waterfalls I visited today are a short scamper from your car. So, plan a weekend trip to Cherokee, visit the museum, and go see some waterfalls that are simply beautiful. Today, I visited Soco and Mingo falls.

Neither waterfall is far from the road. So, they are easily accessible. That said, Soco Falls is rather muddy. There are ropes in place, but be careful. It is rather wet (as you can see from the mist kicked up in the second photo). The hike to Mingo is simply walking up steps cut into the trail. When the steps end, you’ll see a bridge over the creek and you’re there! If you need directions, email me. But go! and see some of the amazing sights around Cherokee. There are many more, and I hope to post more in the near future.

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